Hello, I’m KP and I’ve had the brilliantly original idea to start a fashion blog! As I am a student, the outfits I post on my blog will mostly be from my own wardrobe, my friends’ and from the sales. As I’m not very good at following the latest trends, my blog will probably not tell you about ‘what to wear this season’. There are plenty of bloggers who are much better at doing that! At the most, you may see me picking out trends I genuinely like. Growing up, I had a tendency to ‘break’ fashion rules, so much so that a lot of people around me probably cringed at what I was wearing. I also want this blog to be an opportunity for me to showcase my DIY-talents; I did not get a sewing machine to have it rust in my already tiny room!

In my free time I like to read, go running, listen to music and watch whatever series is cool on the internet at the moment. I am an excellent baker (I do not say so myself, my friends tell me) and I am teaching myself to sew again (when I can find the motivation).

My dreams jobs include: stylist, CEO, hotel manager, Person Who Gets Paid to Travel the World, translator, Person Who Gets Paid to Eat Food, etc.

As I am multi-faceted person, you will also see me write posts that aren’t about fashion. I do very much enjoy writing and should definitely spend more time doing it, so for me this is a creative outlet. I hope you find some inspiration on my blog and even laugh at my finely crafted jokes and puns.